Matteo Antonaci

━  Professional Introduction

I distinguish myself in the professional field as a decisive expert, action-oriented, and committed to achieving results. My career has evolved through years of experience, characterized by managing complex and high-profile projects.

━  International Experience

Over the course of more than ten years, I have gained extensive experience in establishing food production facilities and logistics centers for fresh and frozen products. This professional journey led me to strengthen my skills initially in Europe and subsequently in the United States, where I faced and overcame significant challenges in diverse contexts.

━  Academic Education

I have earned a Master of Engineering in Structural Rehabilitation from the University of Trento in Italy, followed by a Master of Science in Sustainable Construction at École Centrale de Paris in France. These educational paths have not only strengthened my technical skills but have also enriched my international outlook in the field of engineering and sustainability.

Matteo Antonaci: esperto con oltre dieci anni di esperienza internazionale in progetti complessi e di alto profilo in Europa e USA.
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