Project and construction Management: Esperienza e competenza multidisciplinare: rispettiamo tempi e budget condivisi, garantendo alti standard di qualità nel rispetto degli obiettivi di sicurezza, sostenibilità ambientale e performance energetica.

━  Safety and Sustainability.

Project and construction ManagemenT

MA Consulting, actively operating in both Italy and the United States, specializes in project and construction management, dedicated to assisting clients in the management of complex projects.

Our extensive and diverse expertise encompasses every phase of the project, starting with an in-depth analysis of the technical and economic feasibility. This preliminary approach, fundamental to our methodology, allows us to identify the best opportunities and strategies for each specific project.

We are committed to ensuring that every aspect, big or small, is carefully considered from the outset, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making and smooth project progression. Our experience and knowledge of the industry enable us to anticipate and effectively address any challenges, ensuring that our clients’ projects are executed with the utmost efficiency and success.

━  project management: The phases that constitute the complete management of a project


Sharing of the intervention strategy with the client


Precise definition of the reference budget


Rigorous coordination and control of the executive planning


General planning and coordination of individual construction site activities


Financial planning


Assistance in signing contracts


Constant relationship with institutions


Periodic reporting and document management

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